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.S. Attorney Thomas O’Brien: Lori Drew decided to humiliate a child. November 28, 2008

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ABC Jury Convicts Mom of Lesser Charges in Online Hoax, 27 November 2008

“Lori Drew decided to humiliate a child. The only way she could harm this pretty little girl was with a computer. She chose to use a computer to hurt a little girl, and for four weeks she enjoyed it.” U.S. Attorney Thomas O’Brien, chief federal prosecutor in Los Angeles, during closing arguments.



1. Jeannine Lanzetta - August 3, 2009

How do you stop Leah Struzzieri from spoofing?
If you don’t know what it is, please goggle it. I’ll give you a little insight
This is where Leah struzzieri first started her harassment and torment of bobby and me. It’s called spoofing.
It’s quit amazing, Paris Hilton, got in trouble for it when she spoofed Lindsay lohan- goggle that too.
Basically, from your computer you can call someone and put whatever number and name you want it to display on there caller id!
It’s away to harass someone, play a sick game.
Leah Struzzieri has been doing this sick game for a year now and won’t stop.

I’ll give you an example of what happen, just last week I received a call and on the caller id display, it displayed my boyfriend cell phone number, a number that him and I don’t communicate with any longer. Yet at the time of the call, my boyfriend was sitting at my kitchen table with that very same cell phone in his pocket??? When I pick up the phone, it’s Leah on the other line; having me listen to a recording of his and my conversation we had just a few days prior.

Another time I was talking with my boyfriend on my landline number and he was on his landline number and while were talking, I get a call coming in, so I look at it and it was his landline number beeping in??? I though we lost connection for a second and that he was calling me back, but no he was still on the line.

Leah doesn’t only torment bobby and me, with her phone games. She does it to the women she lives with… she tried to make this poor women think I’m calling and harassing her. Leah did this by displaying my cell number on the women’s home phone… I know this, because the women called me up one day asking me to stop calling. I didn’t really know what to say to the women, I told the women, I changed my number 3 times already, I was so upset I had a anxiety attack, I couldn’t believe Leah got my new number in just a few days time I couldn’t even speak to the women, that my friend’s boyfriend had to take the phone from me and talk to the women.
Why is Leah doing this? Well I could only come to the conclusion, she’s angry that bobby is no longer with her, and she’s filled with bitterness and jealously, and I think something is wrong with her, I not a doctor, but something’s not right, if two people break up eventually you get over it and move on, she hasn’t.
She still after a year tries to have everyone (even me), believe that bobby cheating on me with her and everyone else. I must admit she played with my head, making me think it was true; I fell for it a few times, before I realized how she was playing this wild crazy phone game. Leah would send me a text message, making it look like he sent it to her, or when she had recording of his voice before him and I got together and would play them on my answering machine. She’s been recording him and others for years, did you know there is a way to keep all your cell phone voice mails, it’s a small electronic device and all you do is transfer your saved messaged onto it, just like an ipod transfers music. Leah even likes to call me up using voice changer, I got a few of those calls too, though they were pretty funny especially the little munchkin voice, where she saying,” Stop calling my boyfriend”, repeatedly
Actually the spoofing was the least of her methods of harassment.
She stalks us, hacked into our cells phones by using spying downloads (go to Mobil spy or just Google spy tools) she posted me and Bobby on dating sites, She answered pervert men’s request on dating sites and gave them my cell number as a call back, even had men call my landline number and leave messages, I have children at home, that can hear this. She impersonated me by making up a My space profile using all the personal information that she knew of me, wrote lies like I’m looking for a date, She posted my business number on a online bashing website, claiming I called her while I was having sex, (great for my customers to read that one) she left poster board signs around my home all the way to his home.
She’s manage to posted both bobby and I on every website, posting lies, and speaking of us with the most filthiest, vulgar words that one human being could say about another.
She relentless.

I could go on with so much more that she has done. But if anyone knows how to stop this craziness, please feel free to respond.

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