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New Cyberbullying Study October 25, 2008

Posted by cyberpatrol in cyberbullying, cybercrime.

21st Century Sheep, October 2008

A new study out of the University of California in Los Angeles finds cyberbullying is more common than previously thought. Almost 75% of teens reported some cyberbullying during the prior 12 months. The most common type of bullying was name calling. That didn’t surprise me, but the second most common type did. The second most common tactic was password theft. If someone steals or guesses your password they can send email in your name, visit websites and make it look like it was you, or edit an online profile and post untrue and unflattering information.



1. pcpandoradvocate - October 27, 2008

Cyberbullying is a huge issue today and parents are going to have to get involved if we are going to solve it. Clearly kids enjoy being mean to other kids (there have always been bullies), but the internet affords much harsher bullying at a much higher frequency. Parents need to monitor to learn if their child is a victim (remember, according to the stats, kids overwhelmingly do not tell their parents when they are being bullied)… they also need to know if their child is a bully, as many states are now enacting laws that will serve up harsh penalties to offenders. Check out our PC Pandora (www.pcpandora.com) to see if your child is either the victim of or engaging in the act of cyberbullying. Knowing is the only way to be sure… everything else is a guess.

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