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MySpace suicide: Accused Lori Drew’s lawyer files documents challenging law July 23, 2008

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KTRS 550, 23 July 2008

Lori Drew’s attorney says the law being used to prosecute his client is flawed. H. Dean Steward represents Drew who is accused of using a fake identity on myspace to harass Megan Meier who later committed suicide. He filed 3 documents in Los Angeles federal court calling the law constitutionally vague and criminalizes something done by millions on-line daily. Steward also says prosecutors went too far to charge Drew with anything they could find.

More at St. Louis Post Dispatch



1. imredhot - July 29, 2008

This is common in every criminal court. When something can be construed as a crime it is treated as such. However, in this case, I believe Mrs. Drew’s acts were criminal besides the immature nature of her acts. Perhaps she should be charged with something a little closer to home that would label her as unfit to raise a child!!

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