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4chan Cyberbullying: Web-initiated harassment of grandma continues July 20, 2008

Posted by cyberpatrol in 4chan.org, Anonymous, cyberbullying, stalking.

The Herald-Zeitung, 20 July 2008

Web postings urging online and telephone harassment of Herald-Zeitung employees appeared Saturday morning on the Internet hours after an article was published describing similar attacks toward a New Braunfels woman.

Throughout the past week, published news stories and video news clips from San Antonio and Austin television stations posted on YouTube reported that New Braunfels grandmother Mary Alice Altorfer believed a printed flyer stuck on the gate to her River Tree neighborhood’s pool was a racist insult toward her two biracial grandchildren. Soon anonymous Internet postings critical of Altorfer urged Internet viewers to harass her. Altorfer said she received crank phone calls. She was the subject of abusive and derisive comments posted on Web sites.

The homemade flyer depicting a black man with a large Afro bears the words “Pool’s Closed,” and appeared after Altorfer’s visiting grandchildren, ages 6 and 8, went for a swim in the pool.

The image on the flyer is an avatar, and according to numerous Web postings, an icon that was used by members of an Internet users “collective” calling itself “Anonymous” during an attack in 2006 on the Habba game Web site. The attack reportedly was initiated because the Web site would not allow game players to use African-American avatars.

On Internet postings this past week, Altorfer’s assertion that the flyer was a racist gesture to her grandchildren was cited as the reason by “anonymous” Internet users for harassing Altorfer. (continue)



1. JoshWink - August 13, 2008

Oh, Thanks! Really amazing. Big ups!

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