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Dalin Case: Sentencing postponed July 18, 2008

Posted by cyberpatrol in 4chan.org, Anonymous, christopher poole, cybercrime.

Daily Herald, 18 July 2008

Sentencing postponed

The sentencing hearing for a Fox River Grove teenager convicted last month of falsely making a terrorist threat against Stevenson High School was postponed Thursday. Jeremie Dalin faces up to 15 years in prison for posting the threat on a Web site last fall. The sentencing had been scheduled for Thursday afternoon in Lake County circuit court but was called off. No information was available about a new date.



1. Denis G - July 19, 2008

Let the one smart guy who at Jeremie’s age had NOT done a single stupid thing throw him the first stone. Sure, it was dumb. Sure, it was misguided, but hey, he pulled it off the net NINE minutes later, realizing what he had done. Nine minutes, not days, and before anyone showed up looking for him.

In my opinion, he should do some community work, something for kids promoting cyber awareness, but no one should ruin his life over this. Come on, Mary (Stanton), have enough of a heart to remember what it is like to be young, misguided and occasionally off the mark.

2. cyberpatrol - August 11, 2008

He has the right to choose a competent lawyer and properly defend himself.

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