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Anonymous hacking to destroy for “fun” and harassment of Black Americans July 4, 2008

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The story of the 4chan hack against SOHH.com and others.

In the early hours of June 27, 2008, two very popular Hip-Hop musical websites were attacked by individuals calling themselves “Anonymous”. MTV News reported that: “Both companies’ sites were hacked, and instead of the usual hip-hop related news articles and feature stories, readers were shocked to find fake headlines and obviously photoshopped pictures saturated with racial slurs and other offensive terms; the hackers also stole personal information about employees of SOHH.com. A group or individual going by the name “Anonymous” has claimed responsibility.”

The CEO of SOHH.com, one of the attacked sites with over 1.5 million visitors per month, issued a statement, saying:

“It appears that hackers are specifically targeting Black, Hispanic, Asian and Jewish youth who ascribe to hip-hop culture. … Other websites, including AllHipHop and DatPiff forums have also been compromised or threatened this week. … Also, as this is an international issue, it is being addressed by the FBI and the Strategic Alliance Cyber Crime Working Group.”

The sites were defaced with Nazi symbols and targeted the Black community whose members regularly frequent the site for news.

Fake headlines (“JEWS DID 9/11 – Enjoy This White Wimmens, N*gger”)

Fake headlines (“DEAD BEAT NIGRA ORDERED TO PAY 40K IN NIGLET SUPPORT) and racist pictures.

Promoting slavery

Racist comments and pictures

Early research found that the attack had been planned and promoted on 411chan.org where a “Call to Arms” was published on 411chan.org on 23 June 2008:

(nao : slang for now. irc: Internet Relay Chat. A real-time communication system on the internet used for chatting or live coordination of events).

The call for support was posted on a website called 411chan.org, a meeting place of the internet group “Anonymous” especially targeting Black people and minorities.

The systems of SOHH.com were damaged sufficiently to leave the site inaccessible for a week. Also the other attacked sites stayed partially disconnected from the internet.

EncyclopediaDramatica.com, a primary site of Anonymous chronicling the online activities of internet hackers on 4chan.org and 411chan.org, announced on 30 June 2008 that they will continue their “fight against niggers”:

“SOHH.com is a place for gay wiggers [slang: wanna-be niggers] to talk about cRap music using their native tounge of nigger language. Sohh.com is one of the highest-ranked online hip-Hop communities ….

“However, Anonymous has no regard for one’s material gains or how “nannified” a racial demographic is — Anonymous only exists to destroy. That lesson has been made abundantly clear to SOHH.com. …

“As SOHH is down, the leader of the Pro-Nigger Faction started a secondary ‘instead-of-SOHH’ site … The registrations are currently closed, but many of our soldiers managed to get in before the closing. As a result of this, there are currently operations underway to make sure this site does not achieve any sort of prosperity.” (Source: http://encyclopediadramatica.com/SOHH)

(What Anonymous thinks of Black people. Source: http://www.encyclopediadramatice.com/Nigga)



1. anonymous - July 7, 2008

This was not a racially motivated attack. If anything, the posters at SOHH brought race into the equation. But I suppose that the site owner doesnt wish to point out that her forum contained the first racially disparaging remarks. (towards whites, and soon after that, Asians)
Race was simply an easy button to press for the kids who did this, and asside from a few people who actually seemed to care about being “called out” the majority of the people seemed to only be interested in doing what they thought was funny. “For the lulz”

What kind of “research” was done on this story? Channels that the attacks were carried out from were pubclically announced in various areas, it would have been simple to be a fly on the wall and see what was really going on.

2. cyberpatrol - July 9, 2008

They chose to mess with the site using images degrading Black people by accident? Whatever went on in the forum does not change the disgusting images being used for the (illegal) attack. The “lulz” ends where other people’s rights begin.

3. ncwall - September 3, 2008

They crossed the line.

4. killa chris - October 19, 2008

yeah i used to be on datpiff an we were attacked for no reason….i kept gettin threats from one member, but he musta realized i didnt care about his pms he was sening me since i replied calmly, dude started to act cool wit me……a strange week it was

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6. nobody - December 9, 2009

lol i love these guys :P

7. Chlorophyll - May 15, 2012


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8. Privacy Policy - October 18, 2013

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hlhjkhkjhjhkhj - March 27, 2014

fuck yall punk ass bitches i hate racist and because im white dont call me a nigger lover because i love ever race ( punk ass niggas)

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